Emilio Dümar shines with a spectacular debut EP titled ‘Inertia’

After landing on the scene in 2020 with widely praised singles ‘Bounce‘ and ‘Temptation‘, Melbourne-based artist Emilio Dümar looks to keep the momentum moving as he unveils a remarkable debut EP titled ‘Inertia‘.

Jam-packed with gleaming guitar chords, soft Lo-Fi production, and serene soundscapes that are nourished by Dümar’s sublime vocals. The six-track project puts forward a sleek blend of R&B, Soul and Indie sonics; creating a genre-bending masterpiece that’s bound to transcend listeners with tranquillising melodies and vivid imagery.

Motivated by a trip to his ancestral home in Madeira, Portugal – Emilio Dümar became eager to develop his guitar and songwriting skills. However, it wasn’t until Melbourne’s lengthy lockdowns that he recorded his first collection of music.

Putting his best foot forward with a phenomenal body of work, The Local Frequency is excited to see what the future holds for Dümar. There’s no doubt the talented act is sure to become recognised for his alluring artistry. Don’t sleep!



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Instagram: @emiliodumar
SoundCloud: @emiliodumar
Twitter: @emilio_dumar

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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