The Local Frequency (TLF) aims to discover the sumptuous sounds this city has to offer. Having hip-hop as the focal point, all things associated with the genre will be explored to reveal the incredible and underappreciated culture here in ‘MelBURN’. The Local Frequency is unique as no other online platform focuses solely on the city’s contribution to Australian hip-hop. Therefore TLF is your go-to source of information for local artist profiles, music releases, gigs and everything else hip-hop related.

The Australian hip-hop genre is one that has been (and still is) crucified for its unoriginality and apparent lack of identity.

The home of hip-hop is the Bronx, New York City, which was where DJ’s would break beats and dancers would battle against one another. It later progressed into different forms including ‘spitting’ or rapping which made way for legendary emcees such as; Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and Nas to name a few.

Australian artists have always been influenced by the United States’ icons and incorporated their styles into their music and made it their own. This is why Australian hip-hop is critiqued as unoriginal and lacking its own identity.

However, this blog aims to put all differences aside so we can emphasise and explore what Melbourne artists have to offer.

About The Founder

What’s good? My name is Timothy, I have lived in Melbourne all my life with a profound passion for music. Growing up I learned to love how certain sounds could evoke diverse emotions.

I find the way music plays with our memory and experiences an incredible art form. Having artists tell a story or convey a message through the use of engaging lyrics really grabs my attention. It’s one thing for a song to sound good but for it to have a charismatic flow and strong vocabulary that’s another.

So tune into The Local Frequency to show some support and become familiar with Melbourne’s well deserved hip-hop culture.

~ Timothy Thorpe


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