EXCLUSIVE: This is Zhane White

The Australian hip hop culture is one that has been criticised since the beginning. The genre is accused of lacking originality and often deemed cringeworthy due to many artists’ thick accents. Many are unfamiliar with local artists for this reason and would rather pay attention to the big international names.

However, as of late there has been an absolute tsunami of new sounds and incredible upcoming artists. It almost feels as if the reputation of Australian hip hop is undergoing a full revolution. Further, the progression and quality of music to come from the city of Melbourne alone is simply incredible.

There’s a whole variety of flavour and style popping in ‘burn city’. And Zhane White is one who solidifies himself ahead of the pack. The American/Australian continues to “pave a whole new lane” with back to back consistency in his music. The emcee experiments with very trap influenced production while merging a pinch of “Australian flavour’ onto each track he touches.

White’s SoundCloud reflects his substantial work ethic and ability to deliver charismatic flows on top of beats that are sure to get the listener boppin’ along.

The young emcee is currently signed to Transcendence Management and looks to have a very promising future. Zhane rides every track with such confidence and makes it feel so natural. His distinct sound is so flexible and finely crafted, it allows for his striking talent to truly shine on each track.

Checkout the recently dropped visuals to White’s “Diss Song” below:

Zhane White has already accomplished a lot thus far, including opening for huge names like Tech N9ne, Ja Rule and Ashanti!

If you’re not already familiar with Zhane, now’s the time to wake up and stop sleeping! Give his ‘EXHALE EP‘ a spin and follow him on his socials below:

Facebook: @zhanewhiteMELB
Twitter: @ZhaneWhiteMELB
Instagram: @ZhaneWhite
YouTube: @ZhaneWhite
SoundCloud: @zhanewhitemelbourne

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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