MoreLifeMonday: Boy Graduate

Keeping in ‘MoreLifeMonday’ tradition we’re back with another local artist highly deserving of more recognition, more love and of course, more life.

Boy Graduate is a young-and-upcoming rapper from Melbourne, renown for his stage presence and absolute wild live performances.

In fact, we did some digging on the internet to learn more about Boy Grad, and a lot of what we found consisted of various sources commenting on the energy he brings to his shows.

So naturally we had to have a look for ourselves and see what all the fuss was about.

We quickly learnt Grad knows exactly how to get a crowd jumping on their feet! His ability to interact with both his songs and engage with the audience in front of him seems almost second nature.

Boy Graduate has released  numerous EP’s in the last few years, including his 2016 EP, ‘Girl To Boy Ratio’ (available on Spotify and Apple Music), which included popular singles such as ‘Too Cool For That’ (produced by Cam Bluff), ‘Never Watch TV’ and ‘She Don’t Believe Me’.

With his unique but distinct sound, Graduate has some crazy potential to make a name for himself and has already began to do so. By starting off the year headlining his own national tour, as well as supporting the dynamic-duo, Bliss N Eso, on their sold out tour.

Having released his latest single ‘See Your Love’ (listen below) we cannot wait for the release of his upcoming project ‘IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME’.

Keep up with Boy Grad and give him some love by hitting up his socials below:

Facebook: @boygraduate
SoundCloud: @boygraduate
Twitter: @boygraduate
Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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