MoreLifeMonday: J. Love

This week, as part of ‘MoreLifeMonday’ nature, TLF visits the conscious lyricism and charisma of Melburnian emcee, J. Love.

2017 has been a HUGE year for the young artist as he continues to drop back-to-back bangers, and express his battled thoughts over the hardest, dark beats.

J. Love has not only a killer flow, but also the capability to deliver the most technical and conscious lyrics with ease. His music gets the head bopping from start to finish, especially on the RyanJacob produced track ‘Entity‘.

His latest single ‘Too Fast‘ is a wavy, enlightening track produced by frequent collaborator P R O J E C T, which has Love speaking through his soul.

The track is a straight must! Love is low-key one of the leaders of this new-wave Australian hip hop sound. The boom bap, ‘skip-hop’ days are over, as the promising future of Love represents, artists nowadays are pushing the boundaries and restoring the genre’s damaged reputation by incorporating a wider ‘soulection’ of styles.

With such consistency and quality releases coming from Love this year, TLF are very excited to see what else is to come before the year is through.

Give some love to J. Love and follow him on his socials below:

Facebook: @rapperfrommelbourne
Twitter: @jlovexpharaoh
YouTube: @jlovexpharaoh
SoundCloud: @jlovexpharaoh


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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