MoreLifeMonday: Big Words

For ‘MoreLifeMonday’ this week, The Local Frequency presents the most jazzy combination of soul and R&B that you’ve ever heard. So without further ado, introducing Big Words.

Big Words are a five-piece band who have been low-key setting fire to the Melbourne music scene for years now.

The group however, gained a lot of attention this year after the release of their first single “The Answer“. A track which features absolutely beautiful and soulful vocals from Big Words’ own William Scullin and Kieren Lee.

The song has since racked up over one million plays on Spotify and brought the group well into the limelight.

Last week, the group released their debut EP, “Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence“, a lustrous eight-track project that is filled with a contemporary concoction of goodness.

Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence is not to be taken lightly, the EP is set for the global stage and is way more than just another local band’s new project.

The harmonious collection of tracks such as “Get Your Way” and “Sunlight” really have you vibing along to every word and every layer of instrumentation. It’s simply a magnificent fusion of soul, hip hop and R&B.

Though being such a short project, it really leaves you wanting more and literally has you begging for a follow-up full length album!

We cannot wait to see what comes next from Big Words as the group continue to shine ever so bright and make the city of Melbourne truly proud!

Follow Big Words on their social media:
Facebook: @bigwordsmusic
SoundCloud: @bigwordsband
Instagram: @_bigwords


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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