Mac-Eleven just released some captivating visuals for his track ‘Questions’

Melbourne-based emcee, Mac-Eleven, just shared the visuals for his melodious track ‘Questions‘, featuring fellow ‘burn city’ artist Krown.

Coming from Mac’s mixtape ‘Better Late Than Never‘, released December last year, ‘Questions’ explores the struggles faced on a daily basis while trying to succeed as an artist. 

The track features Mac’s highly versatile flows and charismatic wordplay, over a layer of smooth, conventional hip hop-based production.

In the video, Mac-Eleven and Krown are both shown wandering through a forest, articulating their verses to camera. The visuals also feature mirrored and geometrical transitions which are extremely captivating.

Check out the video for ‘Questions’ below and let us know what you think.

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Twitter: @MacnLikeAEleven
Instagram: @maclikeaeleven
SoundCloud: @mac-eleven11


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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