NYUON has returned with an explosive new single titled, ‘SECTION’

NYUON is one of this city’s most talented, upcoming emcees and no stranger to the Australian urban culture. He’s constantly pushing boundaries and giving the local scene a kick in the right direction.

The artist has now returned with a smooth new single titled, ‘SECTION‘, in assistance with frequent collaborator, Cris Gamble.

The two released a joint EP earlier this year titled, ‘It’s Not That Deep‘, which is compiled of six super dope tracks and is one of our favourite projects.

Now, with the release of ‘SECTION’, it reminds us just how perfectly Gamble and NYUON complement each others styles. The two result in the most mellow and soothing pair of vocals, combined with that floaty lo-fi goodness.


(available on all popular platforms)

Further, on this new track NYUON claims it holds one of the best verses he’s ever done. And he’s not wrong, this new single is absolutely incredible as it features some of his most dynamic and innovative work to date. Stop sleeping.

As we arrive at the halfway mark of 2018, TLF would love to hear more music come from the young artist before the year is through. There’s no denying that NYUON could quickly flip the game upside down.

Be sure to give NYUON some love on his socials below:
Facebook: @jusnyuoon
SoundCloud: @nyu0n
Twitter: @jusnyuon
YouTube: @NYUON


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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