The latest collection from JUDAH. is live on their website now!

Melbourne’s iconic and urban label, JUDAH., just dropped off their latest collection, which features a sleek and embroidered ‘Throw Up’ design.

The release contains both crew-neck and t-shirt garments, with five new items available for public purchase. 

Amongst the collection is an eye-catching purple sweater that contains bright green embroidery of the graffiti-styled tag design. This bold piece truly reflects the tribes expressive and individualistic approach to fashion and art.

Peep the collection and get yours below.

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Compiled as a community from various walks of life, the tribe told Acclaim Magazine that JUDAH. was “formed from the concept of freedom, individuality and inclusivity”.

With each release, the label continues to deliver an exciting and innovative line of fresh styles and designs, which further establishes the brand’s highly regarded reputation.

Keep up to date with upcoming releases and follow JUDAH. below:
Facebook: @JUDAH
Instagram: @judah.tribe


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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