Poppy Rose brings to life her recent single ‘Lost’ with some stunning new visuals

Local up-and-coming Melbourne artist, Poppy Rose, has returned with some magnificent visuals to accompany her soulful and melodic track ‘Lost‘.

Courtesy of We Made That, the video encapsulates an introspective insight as Poppy battles her past experiences to regain strength and push forward.

Shot with such extraordinary and intriguing cinematography, the visuals flawlessly depict Poppy’s pain and struggle. Moreover, it is the perfect example of making something truly beautiful out of the most darkest periods of time.


Following the release of her new video, Poppy Rose also announced some huge news, as she’s managed to sign a global publishing deal with Dew Process.

This is an amazing opportunity for her and we’re so excited to see where this takes Poppy and what else the future will hold.

In the meantime, you can catch Poppy on tour with 360 for his NSW regional tour which kicked off this week on the 30th of August. (More information here)

Be sure to give Poppy some love and follow her on her socials below:
Facebook: @poppyroseofficial
Instagram: @popshep
SoundCloud: @poppyroseofficial
Twitter: @popshep
YouTube: @yeahwaddup


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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