PREMIERE: Rjayvida – Energy

Melbourne’s all-round talented artist Rjayvida brings us his blazing debut single ‘Energy‘, featuring Yoithiel, and it’s everything the title suggests.

The track is packed with a wild exuberance which carries from start to finish. Further, both Rjayvida and Yoithiel bring their A-game, delivering vocals packed with bouncy flows and impressive, stamina-enduring verses.

From recording his first song in GarageBand back in 2012 and learning how to produce in 2016, Rjayvida now has roughly 80 tracks up his sleeve (though only five have been released).

Moreover, he told TLF that his inspiration to create music stems from artists such as; Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Eminem, Logic, Russ and John Givez.

“If you listen to my bars carefully, you’ll be able to hear certain elements which inspired my style,” Rjayvida adds.

According to Rjayvida, his new single ‘Energy’ is a representation of who he is and what he stands for, as an upcoming artist in the music industry.

“In the song you’ll hear me talk about what I do and do not not take part of,” he says.


Furthermore, by creating this track, both himself and Yoithiel, wanted to stand in for people who feel the same way as they do, but dont have a voice or a platform to do so.

For this reason, Rjayvida told TLF that ‘Energy‘ was the perfect track to put out as his debut single.

“Not only does it showcase what skills I have as a rapper/producer, but it also paints the listener a picture of who I am as a person,” he explains.

With such a strong record under his belt so early on in his career, the future looks to be extremely promising as Rjayvida’s potential begins to soar.

Energy‘ is also available on all popular streaming platforms here!

Be sure to give Rjayvida some love and follow him on his socials below:
Facebook: @rjayvida
Instagram: @rjayvida
SoundCloud: @rjayvida


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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