Charlie Threads unpacks boyhood innocence with colourful new visuals

Following the success of his latest single ‘Questions‘, Charlie Threads has returned with the accompanying visuals, courtesy of Directed by Hoodwolf, the filmmaker king.

As the track comes to life, the video puts a colourful and playful spin on growing up, while exploring the transition from childhood to the day-to-day life as an adult.

Eager to find out more about this concept, TLF managed to chat with Charlie and discuss how the project came together, what his take on the transition is, advice he would now give himself as a kid and what else we can expect to see in 2018.

According to Charlie, the creative process for the video began by drawing sketches and bumping the track, as he was really just trying to figure out what he saw when he heard it play.

However, he also told TLF that it was a conversation with his closest friends; Vince Cheng, Sol Manic and Olive Amun, which truly “sparked the solid idea of having the miniature version of himself, the concept of questioning, along with the rest of it.”

“I can’t stress this enough, the people you keep closest have to be inspired and a part of your process, collaboration is key, this video is proof of that!” he added. 


With the visuals delving into the transition of boy to man, TLF asked Charlie what he believes the most challenging thing about this process is. He replied:

“Realising that nothing is fair man, life itself is just un-fair. You think that as an adult these things become easy because you can take control, but the first few years are literally the opposite.”

Additionally, if he was to go back in time and give advice to his younger self, Charlie said he would tell himself “to pick up every instrument and learn to play it.”

Moreover, he told TLF, “classic music is classic because of things like melody, the understanding of pockets and certain elements of musical past times. Slapping auto-tune on a non resolving melody isn’t innovative, and I feel I would have learned that a long time ago if I started my legitimate musical journey with instruments earlier.”

40553404_1061809850648403_7743692091837906944_o (1)

Charlie also believes it’s important to make up your own perception of what’s classified as “normal.” The world today is so caught up and at a point where no one even knows what normal is. Besides, there’s more valuable and beneficial ways to live your life.

“I just feel to succeed in this shit, you have to be the best at something, and what better to be best at than being your self? Being normal is boring, so fuck the norm straight up.” 

With 2018 coming to a close, Charlie Threads announced to TLF he aims to have a few more singles out before the year is through. Right now he is really trying to let people catch the golden minutes, and absorb the messages he presents in each track.

On top of that, Charlie also has a show with Lakyn at the Northcote Social on October 4th, so be sure to come through!

In the meantime and in celebration of the visuals release, head to Charlie’s Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win some free stuff!

You can also stream ‘Questions’ on all popular streaming platforms here!

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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