EXCLUSIVE: This is Flimsey Lohan

Unified under a combination of a ‘dodgy nickname’ and a seemingly opposed blend of musical ideas, Flimsey Lohan are a Melbourne-based quartet with an undeniably coherent and unique sound.

The group is currently preparing to release their forthcoming sophomore EP and have shared the first taste of the project with a brand new single, ‘Westgate Groove‘.

The lively track features a verse from up-and-coming Melburnian emcee, Dolorres, who paints a satirical picture of the world around him in a string of clever stanzas.


Prior to the release, The Local Frequency managed to link with Flimsey Lohan and discuss their influences, the new single, the creative process behind the scenes, their plans for the future and more!

Kicking things off, the lads told TLF that some of their main influences include;  BADBADNOTGOOD, Jehst, Kamaal Williams, MF DOOM, King Krule and Damu the Fudgemunk to name a few.

“We’ve been really into anything on Blah Records, High Focus Records and more recently a lot stuff on the other side of the pond – especially from the likes of Retch and Da$h,” said the quartet.

As for their own music, FL explained, “lyrically and musically [we] don’t set out to write songs about particular topics or to sound a certain way – it kind of just comes naturally.” Although, their latest single begs to suggest otherwise as it offers a preconceived notion.

“I guess you could say ‘Westgate Groove‘ is about staying true to yourself, doing exactly what you want to do, because life’s too short to waste being fake,” Lohan told TLF.

Moreover, the record was brought to life following an ‘in-house recording job’, which took place over a few days in a hired out room.

“Sean has been amassing a ton of recording gear and a heap of recording and mixing knowledge, so he basically led the charge,” said the group.

Looking forward, Flimsey Lohan have another two tracks releasing soon which will then form their second EP, ‘Dolphin Puppy II’.

“The new material is definitely a bit more alternative … some of it has a darker vibe, with some tracks even leaning into some soul and jazzy house/discotheque, Lohan told TLF.

📷: @olliehodgkins

Finally, when asked about their future goals or potential bucket list accomplishments, Flimsey Lohan joked, “probably just to play a show to Lindsay Lohan haha.” Then quickly added, “nah honestly, it’d be fresh to get on a major support slot, play a couple decent festivals, and get an album out at some point.”

“Basically, we just love playing music together – it keeps us all going, so as long as we get to keep making it and continue to enjoy the process – I think we’ll all be pretty stoked,” concluded the boys.

TLF looks forward to the release of their upcoming sophomore EP and is excited to watch the quartet continue to grow. There’s really not too many artists in AUS that are capable of doing what Flimsey Lohan are!


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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