EXCLUSIVE: This is Danii Jordan & Aron

Danii Jordan and Aron are known for gripping the mic and holding down this city’s most hottest nightspots. However, recently the two Melbourne-based artists linked up with independent label R.E.A.L Music and dropped the visuals for their debut collaboration, titled ‘Pull Up‘.

The single resembles a feel-good anthem that pays tribute to their late brother and cousin, Jjay De Melo, one of this country’s most beloved and iconic performers who sadly passed in January. (We miss you JJay – forever flying paper planes)

Shot and edited by rising filmmakers Moey Eltom and Winston Bae, the ‘Pull Up‘ visuals puts Jjay’s legacy on full display, while starring cameos from some of this scene’s biggest names, who are all turning up at the RMF HQ, Marshall St. Studios.


Prior to the official release of their debut single coming to all popular streaming platforms, TLF managed to link up with Danii Jordan and Aron to find out more about their influences, all things ‘Pull Up‘, their plans for the future and more! Check out our exclusive interview below:

With a shared goal of taking their music around the world, Danii Jordan and Aron are two incredibly talented emcees making a come up from Melbourne’s north.

When asked about who their biggest influences and sources of inspiration are, Danii noted his two older brothers, Jjay and Dallas Woods. While Aron mentioned the likes of Bob Marley, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and of course, Jjay.


As for their new single, which was mixed/mastered by the local legend Juñor, Danii explained he had initially written the track around the end of last year.

“I was meant to record it with my late brother Jjay, but didn’t get around to doing it. Then I asked my cousin Aron to jump on it with me,” Danii Jordan told TLF.

According to Aron, when working together the two just connected naturally, as they “went back and forth on the track and created it in one night.”

“We were just trying to convey what the homies and myself do on a weekly basis. We just pull up to any club even if the clubs trash and have a dope time,” added Danii.

Listen to ‘Pull Up‘ now!

Looking forward, both Danii Jordan and Aron have plans to release more music, videos, and play shows before the end of 2019.

“There is gonna be a lot more music, visuals bout to drop on the regular and a few shows towards the end of the year, but next one up is Robb Banks,” said Aron.

Finally, Danii and Aron told TLF they’re “appreciative of everybody that’s shown love and support”, and “this is just the start … there plenty more to come.”


Be sure to give some love to both Danii Jordan and Aron via their socials below:


Danii Jordan
Facebook: @danii8jordan
Instagram: @djordanmonteiro

Facebook: @AronCarvalho95
Instagram: @_aroncarvalho_
Spotify: @Aron
YouTube: @AronCarvalho95


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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