PREMIERE: Dos Boy & Dom Cork – Let You Down

The Byron Bay expatriate and Melbourne-based legend, Dos Boy, has returned with a angelic new single titled ‘Let You Down‘, which denotes the first taste of his forthcoming EP ‘XAN POP‘.

With heavy themes of loss and heartbreak, the track is masked as a modern ballad with light melodies, intimate vocals and atmospheric production that’s courtesy of Dom Cork.

Further, Dos Boy offers a mature elegance while presenting the single as a cathartic release for the cumulative feelings of grief and desolation.

The ambiguity of the lyrics makes the track relatable and provides the listener the ability to draw from their own experiences to create new and infinite meanings.

β€œIt’s a really special song to me. Some years ago I lost my brother to suicide. Last year I lost one of my best friends during a time when I was feeling heart broken from a tough break-up. This song is me talking to those people I’ve lost,” explained Dos Boy.


Stay tuned for more news regarding the release of ‘XAN POP‘ and be on the look out for the accompanying visuals for ‘Let You Down‘, which are set to arrive in the coming week!

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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