EXCLUSIVE: This is Felix the Great

Introducing Felix the Great, an enigmatic and exuberant artist who’s set to make his unique mark on the Australian music landscape with his first release since arriving in the country; ‘The Zone‘ (out Friday September 6).

The Zimbabwean/New Zealander, now Melbourne-based talent, is a modern day music creator who is a producer, singer-songwriter, rapper and audio engineer.

Having previously topped the charts in NZ, Felix the Great has quickly announced himself in the bustling Melbourne live music scene, recently being seen guest featuring alongside rising names including Kae The Goat, Droopo and Kobi Spice.

In preparation for his debut AUS release, TLF managed to link up with Felix to learn more about his story so far, all things ‘The Zone’, moving to Melbourne, his ultimate goal, and much more! Peep our exclusive interview below:

Starting from the beginning, Felix the Great told TLF that his passion for music stems from being surrounded by various artists while growing up.

“My mum used to always play Eminem, Bee Gees, Fugees, Bob Marley and Oliver Mtkudzi at home. I always dreamt of playing stadium shows, impacting someone’s life with lyrics, rhythm, melody and setting a mood,” he said.

Comparatively, he also gave three artists which inspire him to create the music he makes today, Felix listed; SAINT JHN, Col3trane and The Weeknd.

“SAINT JHN’s unapologetically expressive and doesn’t conform to gender norms in fashion, Col3trane taught me that being weird is cool, and finally The Weeknd is my dark angel inside who made it cool to embrace your dark energy,” Felix told TLF.

Aside from music, ultimately he believes his biggest influence in life is his mum, stating ‘she’s the hardest working woman [he’s] ever known.”

Together with his eager desire to succeed, these influences have already inspired Felix the Great to achieve some incredible milestones throughout his musical journey so far.

“Some of my personal highlights would have to be; being interviewed on Radio New Zealand this year, getting my first commercial radio play on Flava Radio, moving from New Zealand to Melbourne to expand on my music career and finishing my debut EP ‘WORLDWIDE FLEX’, he said.

Delving deeper on his move to Melbourne, Felix told TLF he simply booked a one way flight last year for May 2019, without ever having been here and just hoped for the best.

“It was a no brainer, I’ve been watching the Australian music scene and how it’s grown from afar for a while and made internet friends in the scene — so naturally I wanted to make that real and connect with likeminded artists,” said Felix.

“I feel like I’ve settled in pretty quickly for only being here for three months – I’ve met some amazing people, seen some incredible live music and already have a great job!”


Reflecting on his time here so far, Felix the Great told us he fell in love with the city instantly and has already fleshed out three new songs since landing.

“The city is buzzing! … There’s a huge community of artists really making moves in the industry. The fashion in Melbourne is crazy expressive and I think the culture is inclusive, which is what any city needs to have, an eclectic mix of culture.” he said.

Looking forward, we were curious to find out about his forthcoming single ‘The Zone‘, so we asked Felix what this new release means to him as an emerging artist in Australia.

“My new single ‘The Zone‘ is about finding confidence and self love to assert that I talk the talk and let my music walk the walk. It’s about achieving goals despite the lack of resources, leaving a lasting legacy, not being just another face but someone you’ll never forget,” he explained.

Further, he told TLF the song really came together after landing his second number one song on the iTunes Electronic/Dance charts in March 2019.

“That fuelled my passion to write something which depicted the hard work and lack of sleep I was getting to achieve results with my music releases,” said Felix.

Moreover, Felix revealed his ultimate goal is “to impact masses in multiple avenues, whether it be music, fashion, art, film, food or any other medium.”

“I want to be an omnipresent force and create a space of acceptance of people who identify as always being labelled “other” and being a marginalised group,” he told TLF.

Finally, Felix said to be on the lookout for a couple more singles which are expected for release before the year is through, as well as some potential shows and visuals.

Stay tuned and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled, there’s no doubt that Felix the Great is bound to take the Australian music scene by storm.


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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