EXCLUSIVE: This is ThatKidMaz

Emerging Melbourne-based Hip-Hop artist ThatKidMaz has shared a brand new single titled ‘Glow Up‘, which also enlists Jordan Dennis for an all-round exhilarating and upbeat banger.

What’s more, the record features an accompanying music video (directed by Nick Rae) to further portray the positive energy and infectious charisma that both emcees channel remarkably throughout the duration of the track.

Sonically the single (produced by Duan) presents elements of Lo-Fi that are flawlessly combined with groovy fast-paced 808’s and complementary smash-clap snares.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to link up with ThatKidMaz to chat about his influences, all things ‘Glow Up‘, the behind the scenes process of bringing the visuals together, the ultimate message he wishes to convey, what the future holds, and more! Check out our exclusive interview below:

(TLF) First off, for those who aren’t familiar, who is ThatKidMaz?
ThatKidMaz – ThatKidMaz is a 21-year-old Eritrean/Australian rapper who uses his music as a form of expression, sharing his experiences, whether negative or positive. I’m someone who is trying to speak their truth and in turn empower those listening to do the same.

(TLF) Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
ThatKidMaz – Michael Jackson was the first artist to make me fall in love with music. J. Cole because he played a significant role in helping me see the lasting impact that music can have. Hov because I’m inspired by the way he moves and the respect he’s earned – in the music industry, in business and beyond.

(TLF) Congrats on the release of your new single ‘Glow Up’ and the official music video, what does this record mean to you?
ThatKidMaz – Thank you! I appreciate you homie. Glow Up represents me coming out of my shell, reaching a point of self-certainty and confidence – no longer being apologetic or conscious of others’ false perceptions.

Photo 28-11-19, 1 52 10 pm

ThatKidMaz – The Glow Up official music video is a wholesome, unfiltered BBQ scene that sees me surrounded by genuine friends and family members. It reflects the positive energy and abundant support I’m grateful to be surrounded by. I’m excited to have this as my first release – and to give you a glimpse of how I can float on a beat but till sound HARD.

(TLF) What was the process like in bringing it together and how did you link up with Jordan Dennis for the feature?
ThatKidMaz – The process was really really organic; I met Duan at a music event in Melbourne and we both already knew of each other. We chopped it up and said we’d make something happen. Later that same night, he sent me the Glow Up beat and I lost my shit! Jordan and I have been homies since Year 7. I showed him the beat and he wanted to jump on it. We got into the studio and the rest is history.

(TLF) What is the ultimate message you wish to convey with your music?
ThatKidMaz – Being an individual and not being ashamed of it. I want my music to inspire people to stay true and be themselves because that was a struggle that I had growing up.

(TLF) Lastly, what else can the people expect to look forward to from ThatKidMaz? Are there any further releases, shows or drops that we should be on the look-out for?
ThatKidMaz – I’ve been really motivated to create lately, and that’s only getting stronger going into 2020. Keep an eye out for a line-up of upcoming shows, releases and maybe even an EP in the first quarter of the year!


In the meantime, be sure to give some love to ThatKidMaz on his socials below:
Facebook: @ThatKidMaz
Instagram: @thatkidmaz
SoundCloud: @mazin-ficak
Twitter: @thatkidmaz
YouTube: @ThatKidMaz


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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