Marcus made a spontaneous return gifting us a new EP ‘Some Songs’


Melbourne-based Hip-Hop veteran Marcus has made a triumphant return after dropping off a nine-track EP to his SoundCloud last night.

Titled ‘Some Songs‘, the project comes as his first release since the animated 2016 single ‘Toast‘. However, running through these fresh tunes and hearing Marcus glide over instrumentals again with endless flows, riveting wordplay and hard-hitting bars, it feels like no time has passed.

Considering the EP is compiled of songs that are predominantly demos (with some even unmastered), it just goes to show the exceptional level of Marcus’ artistry as everything still sounds top-notch. For instance, my personal favourite ‘Nowukno‘ takes me back to his greatly under-appreciated debut project ‘Pizza For Breakfast. Cereal At 3am.‘, where his sleek lyricism and nonchalant cadence is at the forefront of his craft.


While it appears Marcus may be done with making music, noting various lines such as “i’ll be damned if i’m 30 trying to make it off a rap record” and “y’all want me grinding out these sets for no cents?“. TLF prays this ain’t so and that we’re blessed with more records in the future. There is WAAAAY too much talent here to go to waste!

Show Marcus some love via his socials below and help keep him grinding:
Facebook: @marcusrawdivercity
Instagram: @frshngtz
SoundCloud: @markierawdiv
Twitter: @marcusISneek


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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