KVNYL makes a long-awaited return with new spectacle ‘This Is Not A Single’


Melbourne-based artist KVNYL has made a highly anticipated return with the release of an innovative and intriguing new spectacle titled ‘This Is Not A Single‘.

In association with Visionaire Media the visuals offer a wild collection of shots which spans from the artist devouring a bowl of Froot Loops, to shaving his head in the mirror, and watching himself rap in the newspaper whilst sitting on the toilet.

Sonically, this new release hears some of KVNYL’s best work to date as he delivers fascinating wordplay, hard-hitting flows, and dabbles in a variety of unique cadences.

Going great lengths to articulate an extensive and conceptual piece that’s intertwined with the reality of his story, it’s clear his music is greatly representative of his influences (Denzel Curry, Kendrick Lamar, Saba).


Looking ahead, TLF hopes to hear more from KVNYL in 2020 as we reach the halfway mark of the year. There’s no doubt he’s evolved and levelled up his artistry during a short hiatus.

Stay tuned!

Be sure to give some love to KVNYL on his social media below:
Facebook: @kvnyl
Instagram: @kvnylmusic
SoundCloud: @kvnyl
Twitter: @kvnylmusic


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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