PREMIERE: Billy Reeves – Countin’ (feat. Jordan Lindsay)


Emerging Melbourne-based artist Whit3 Boy has returned with a ferocious new single titled ‘Countin‘, as well as the announcement of a name change to Billy Reeves

Dropping as the sequel to the duo’s past release ‘Stash‘, the record brings hefty, fast-paced production, layered seamlessly with bold wordplay and explosive Trap flows.


Prior to the release TLF managed to link up with Billy Reeves to chat about all things ‘Countin‘, his name change decision, plans for future releases and more!

Check out the full interview below:

First off, congratulations on this new release! What does ‘Countin‘ mean to you and how does it fit into your catalogue?

This record is pure mayhem and fun at the same time for me, like what would you do with more money than you could handle? Honestly haha.

It’s also part of my monthly single series that’s going on through to December, not related to any projects, just loosies.

The artwork for this new single cannot go unmentioned, where does the inspiration come from and what’s the meaning behind some of the illustrations?

The artwork is done by my new go to artist Cantika! She’s been doing all my single cover art this year. It is inspired by literal lyrics from the song and even has some easter eggs if you look hard enough.


Most notably the lyric “f**k up the guap like Russ”, which doesn’t really have much meaning unless you’ve seen that video of Russ punching Guapdad4000 haha, so you can see them brawling in the corner of the cover.

You’ve recently undergone a name change from Whit3 Boy to Billy Reeves, what does this shift in aliases represent for you?

This has been in the works for some time now as it’s been an on and off decision for about a year. But now since my music has been heading in a more mature direction and is also becoming somewhat genre-less, I thought I better drop the name I came up with when I was 17.


Looking forward, what else can fans expect to see over the course of 2020?

I’m so excited for the new stuff dropping for the remainder of the year, more content from Gated Community (a duo I’m a part of) as well as some new sounds you’ve never heard from me before.


In the meantime show Billy Reeves some love on his socials below:
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SoundCloud: @realbillyreeves
Twitter: @realbillyreeves


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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