Nomad shares ‘White Lies’ and announces all profits will be donated to BLM and WAR Collective


Respectful of the divide within the Hip-Hop community when it comes to releasing songs during these grievous times, Melbourne-based artist Nomad shared an introspective new track to discuss the current discourse surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Titled ‘White Lies‘, the record begins with various sound bites of Scott Morrison’s recent and ignorant ‘no slavery in Australia’ comments, before soft boom-bap production settles in and Nomad’s thought-provoking wordplay takes the forefront.

Along with the release, he took to his social media to offer the message; “I know my platform isn’t the biggest nor the most influential, but I hope I inspire you to do the most that you can with yours while you have the ability to do so.”

“I wrote this because I am struggling to write about anything else. The world is in a crazy state right now and it’s easy to feel like you’re a small rock in a big pond but your voice does matter. You matter. And we have the power to prove that all lives matter but only if Black Lives Matter. Much love to you all.” wrote Nomad.

What’s more, Nomad announced the track will be monetised on all popular platforms and all streaming profits will be donated equally towards Black Lives Matter and Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR.


Break the silence. Black Lives Matter.
Raise your voice and take action:

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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