Kobe White debuts with an alluring single that’s fitly titled ‘Beautiful’


With the release of his glorious debut single, fittingly titled ‘Beautiful‘, Melbourne-based R&B/Pop artist Kobe White shows us he has what it takes to become a star.

Through authentic, storytelling lyrics, the record addresses themes of reassurance, confidence and comfort, while establishing a sense of nostalgia in the process.

According to White, “it’s message about realising how beautiful love can be, and that as the world, friends and our surroundings can constantly change, the love for each other can only become stronger.”

Beautiful‘ faultlessly blends heart-wrenching melodies with soft acoustic undertones, as Kobe White glides over the instrumentation with a cadence that’s both alluring and serene.

Ultimately, it sounds extremely cinematic and offers an aesthetic which will make you want to fall in love and dance beneath the stars.



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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