Big Words make a long-awaited return with new mixtape ‘Cherry’


Formulating a dazzling blend of Alternative R&B, Indie-Pop and Soul, Melbourne-based outfit Big Words are back with their first full body of work since their 2017 debut EP ‘Hollywood, A Beautiful Coincidence‘.

Originally discarded demos from a forthcoming debut album, ‘Cherry‘ took on a life of its own after the duo decided to finish off some semi-formed ideas during their quarantine lockdown.

Entirely self-produced and completed in just two weeks, it wasn’t long before these so-called ‘offcuts’ could actually reflect their best body of work to date.

With Drake-like charisma drenched in Beach Boys harmonies, ‘Cherry’ marks a new chapter for Big Words establishing them as one of the country’s most dynamic acts.



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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