L0NE and Webby unite for a ruminating follow-up single titled ‘Calls Pt. 2’

After garnering the attention of the local music scene in 2018 with their eclectically dark and grungy single ‘Calls‘, rising acts L0NE and Webby have united once again as they share the long awaited follow-up ‘Calls Pt.2‘.

Mixing sleek guitar riffs with heavy 808’s and Trap-like snares, the record encloses a robust sound which maintains the same energy of the previous cut, just in a riveting new fashion. For instance, both L0NE and Webby trade brooding melodies with an electric cadence that offers an emo sentimentality reminiscent to the likes of global icons Lil Peep, Lil Tracy and Brennan Savage.

What’s more, ‘Calls Pt.2‘ comes strapped with an accompanying video shot and edited by Luka Hofbaue who also worked on the previous release. However, this new spectacle puts forward a stylishly quaint, VHS camcorder aesthetic to match the tonality of the single.



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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