PREMIERE: Tahlia Eve – Witchuu

Looking to leave her mark on the local music scene comes the widely talented Tahlia Eve and the highly anticipated release of her debut single ‘Witchuu‘.

Capturing the perfect blend of Pop and R&B, the record harnesses sonics reminiscent to the likes of Ariana Grande and Alicia Keys as Tahlia’s powerhouse vocals glide over moody instrumentation.

After receiving praise for her covers on YouTube, as well as her work in musical theatre, Tahlia now seeks to share original and personal pieces in hopes it unites her listeners and makes them feel empowered.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to chat with Tahlia Eve about her new single, staying motivated in lockdown, future plans and more!

Check out the full interview below:

For those unfamiliar, who is Tahlia Eve?
Hey guys! I am a 19-year-old Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne who mostly utilises a blend of Pop and R&B genres in my music. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and music has heavily impacted my life. I aim to write music that expresses the emotions that we ALL feel in the hopes that it inspires and unites my listeners and makes them feel empowered.

Where does you passion come from? Favourite artists/influences?
My passion for music began at the early age of 4 when I would put on performances to the family and belt out Barbie ballads in the living room. Throughout my life, music has been very prominent as I have spent many years performing in various shows, gigs and other live events. Some of my biggest influences would be Ariana Grande, Tori Kelly, Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys: they are all such iconic artists and all bring their own unique flair to the music industry.

Congrats on the release of ‘Witchuu’! What does this record mean to you?
Thank you so much! This record means so much to me seeing as it is my debut single. I have been working on this track for many months now due to all the delays brought on by COVID-19 and I can’t wait for people to finally be able to listen to it and enjoy it.

‘Witchuu’ describes the kind of relationship that stems from a club scenario, and alludes into the development of something more. The track is upbeat and has a Pop/R&B vibe to it which I hope will bring joy and provide an escape for people in these trying times that we are currently living in.

How have the lockdowns affected your creative process/ability to make music?
Being in lockdown for majority of the year actually has been really great for my creative side as I have had plenty of time to work on creating new projects and writing new songs. I have been a part of many virtual events during this time which has still allowed me to be able to perform in some capacity and has helped to keep some normality for myself.

What are you most excited about for when the restrictions lift? 
Once lockdown restrictions are lifted here in Melbourne I am super pumped to be able to get back into the studio and do some more face to face sessions for some of my other upcoming tracks. I am really looking forward to going back to live performances and gigs in venues as I haven’t been able to perform live in a venue since March 1st.

I also can’t wait to be able to collaborate with other talented artists and friends, and of course, be able to hug all of my family and friends again 🙂

What else can we look forward to seeing in the future?
In the future there will definitely be loads more music released! I can’t wait to drop more tracks and share my story through lyrics and music.

I am also looking forward to being able to play these tracks to a live audience and hope to one day perform my songs at festivals across Australia and inspire other budding musicians to follow their passion.


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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