Agung Mango and Nikodimos unveil the first taste of their forthcoming EP with a fierce new single ‘YO EL REY’

Melbourne-based tastemaker Agung Mango has joined forces with frequent collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Nikodimos to unveil an exuberant new cut titled ‘YO EL REY‘!

Taken from an upcoming collaboration project that’s expected for release later this year, the record offers an avant-garde mix of jazzy instrumentation and dexterous flows. Agung Mango continues to excel in his own lane as he embraces an inexhaustible vocal range, allowing his cadence to bounce seamlessly between various styles and tempos.

YO EL REY‘ encompasses an eccentric and robust sound that’s reminiscent to the likes of Anderson .Paak, Mick Jenkins and EARTHGANG. Therefore, given there’s such a wide variety of sonics present on this single, TLF is eager to hear what else the fiery duo have cooked up.

Speaking on the release, Agung Mango says;

This was the one song on the EP where I felt the most liberated, where I let all my guards down & looked back on some of my early memories of life and internal conflicts I had along the way.

“U hear me rage, sing, rap and express my emotions in all the ways i know how. Thanks to @nikodimoz for also encapsulating this on the production – that music can embody our frustrations into something beautiful.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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