Old Mate Jackuar shares an introspective new bop titled ‘Intro’

2020’s been a rough year for everyone. Although, for Cairns-born, Bali-raised, now Melbourne-based rapper Old Mate Jackuar, the year has had its silver linings.

Given the opportunity to create more often and the ability to spend time refining his vision as an artist, OMJ has shared the first single from his forthcoming debut album.

Fittingly titled ‘Intro‘ the record puts forward a stylish blend of Hip-Hop and Pop. Further, it offers wispy lyricism that’s both insightful and melodic, as he documents his unfeigned come up.

Speaking on the single, OMJ says;

“Intro is a song to show people a bit of my story and my life up to this point, but more importantly it’s to show where I want to be headed.”



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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