L0N3 continues to shine as he shares an animated new release ‘TELL MI’

After opening the year with an animated release titled ‘SHAWTY‘, Melbourne-based artist L0NE keeps the momentum going as he shares an eccentric and radiant new ballad ‘TELL MI‘.

Pairing a pulsating synth with thumping 808s and Trap-esque aesthetics, the single puts forward an atmospheric listening experience reminiscent to the likes of a Playboi Carti joint. L0NE continues to experiment with crooning melodies and outré vocals; giving the single an exuberant flamboyance that’s unparalleled to anything else you’ll hear in the local music scene.

What’s more, ‘TELL MI‘ comes fully equipped with bright and artsy visuals courtesy of Thomas Molan. Switching between stunning shots of neon lit rooms, colourful overlays and pensive pieces to camera; the video perfectly matches the ambiance of the audible. With 2021 well and truly underway The Local Frequency is eager to see what the year will bring for L0NE as he continues to excel in his own lane. It’s only a matter of time before the majority catch on!



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Facebook: @L0NEBOI
Instagram: @l0ne.boi
Twitter: @L0NEB0II
YouTube: @L0NE W0RLD

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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