3K are back with an innovative and robust new release titled ‘Swipe’

Prominent Melbourne-based Hip-Hop collective 3K are back with their first release of 2021 after unveiling an animated new record titled ‘Swipe‘.

Much like their previous release ‘Ni Hao‘, this fresh drop puts forward bouncy production made up of dark chords, distorted drums and hefty 808’s. 3K continues to showcase their vigorous charisma by delivering exuberant wordplay, playful flows and invigorating ad-libs to further amplify the tempo of the track.

What’s more, ‘Swipe‘ comes accompanied with some comical visuals (courtesy of Josh Davis & Visionaire Media) which captures the crew living a lavish life after earning bag loads of money from their special burger recipe.

With the year well and truly underway The Local Frequency is eager to hear more from 3K, each release sees the group push boundaries and take their innovative artistry to the next level.



Show 3K some on their socials:
Facebook: @3Kmelb
Instagram: @3kmelb
SoundCloud: @3kmelb
YouTube: @3K

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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