REYKO!’s new EP ‘BEHIND TIRED EYES’ comes as a powerful masterpiece

Known for his work as part of the city’s most diverse music collective New Wave Infinity, Melbourne-based artist REYKO! recently stepped out to unveil a powerful new solo EP titled ‘BEHIND TIRED EYES‘.

Compiled of four mighty tracks, the project comes as a strikingly personal release where REYKO! expresses deep turmoil through vulnerable lyricism and pensive melodies. The opening record ‘Knocked Out‘ hears the emcee set the tone with bold and turbulent flows over dark, contemporary Hip-Hop aesthetics. Moreover, this cut hears REYKO! describe the jarring force that fuels his craft – “all my music is about trying to love again and trying to piece together all my emotions so that I can be loved again,” he says.

Sonically ‘BEHIND TIRED EYES‘ pushes the envelope with hard-hitting production made up of bracing drum patterns, glossy guitar riffs and intoxicating soundscapes. REYKO! showcases his adaptive artistry by yielding a riveting selection of cadences and innovatory warped vocals. Give the EP a listen and you’ll understand, I guarantee it’ll exceed any expectations!



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Instagram: @reyko_music
SoundCloud: @opreyko
Twitter: @schmoigen

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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