Jess Makaveli unveils a sleek new single ‘Que Pasa’ alongside some killer visuals

Hispanic-born and Melbourne-raised creative Jess Makaveli continues to cultivate her artistry and flourish within the local music scene as she returns with a fuego new single titled ‘Que Pasa‘.

Produced with a fierce selection of layers, the track puts forward bouncy Trap-esque sonics alongside dark atmospheric keys and a strikingly, eerie vocal loop, While Jess glides atop delivering rapid flows and mesmerising wordplay; which seamlessly sways between English and Spanish.

What’s more, the record comes complete with stellar visuals courtesy of Fun Films; capturing charismatic performances to camera amid a wide array of sets. Not to mention the conceptual angle of the video which portrays Jess Makaveli navigating through a rocky relationship. Everything about this release is top tier.

Don’t sleep!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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