doloRRes pushes the envelope with a sombre Alt-Pop anthem ‘D.T.R’

From uploading music anonymously online DoloRRes has quickly earned his spot within Melbourne’s flourishing Hip-Hop scene and even collaborated with prominent local artists such as Agung Mango.

Born in Rome, now residing in Melbourne, he is a multi-skilled producer, lyricist and performer who offers a peculiar and all-encompassing style. For instance, DoloRRes’ latest release ‘D.T.R (Define The Relationship)‘ sees him expand his horizons with a colourful Alt-Pop jam, reminiscent to the likes of Childish Gambino’s ‘Feels Like Summer‘ and Frank Oceans’ ‘White Ferrari‘.

Embedded with majestic guitar sections, an exhilarating symphony of arpeggiators and intricate drum work, the single reminds listeners how DoloRRes’ innovative artistry has gotten him to where he’s at.

Speaking on the release, DoloRRes says;

“Defining The Relationship is a conversation everyone eventually undergoes with their partner. This song is about someone trying to avoid having said conversation by any means necessary, because they are scared that they might not be on the same page, or that they will cause hurt, but of course avoiding this confrontation makes things a lot worse.”

“It’s also a song about toxic masculinity, with this dislikable character who refuses to express how they feel. It’s actually quite a depressing song even though the instrumentation is very sunny and upbeat.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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