ThatKidMaz delivers a powerful and thought-provoking new single in ‘Sheltered’

Returning from a two-year hiatus, Eritrean-Australian artist ThatKidMaz has made a highly anticipated resurgence with the release of a compelling new single ‘Sheltered‘.

Produced by local legend JUJO, the record comes as the first serve of Maz’s debut EP ‘Lil Eritrean Boy‘ which is expected for release in the coming months. This time around, ‘Sheltered‘ sees ThatKidMaz hone in on himself to express the internal conflictions and pressure he battles while trying to reach a point of eating from the fruits of his labour.

Sonically, it offers experimental boom-bap production filled with reverberating 808s, dark keys, and eerie synths. While Maz churns out rapid-fire wordplay, dynamic rhyme schemes, and tasteful inflections. Capturing listeners and taking them on a journey through his acutely detailed storytelling.

Speaking on the concept behind the track, ThatKidMaz says;

“I want listeners to know that not everything is how it seems on the surface. The song itself doesn’t sound like it’s about my anxiety but this was purposely done to express the message of the song. This is a reminder to check in on your friends, and yourself! Mental health is a consistent battle, you can’t kill it just once. Sheltered is a loop and so is the EP because it doesn’t just end – often, you beat it and it returns – but it’s worth the fight.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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