Agung Mango continues to break ceilings as he shares a grand new single ‘RUNAWAY’

Since making his debut in 2017, Agung Mango has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting artists to blossom within Australia’s underground Hip-Hop/Rap scene.

Back with his first single for 2022 ‘RUNAWAY‘, the talented tastemaker continues to showcase his lyrical prowess and alluring cadence as he glides over eclectic production comprised of soft guitar licks, glimmering keys, swift basslines, and heavy 808s. Captivating listeners with his unique vibrato, ‘RUNAWAY‘ hears Agung Mango reflect on his roots while looking back on the journey that’s lead him to where he’s at in his career now.

Elaborating further, Agung Mango says;

“This journey involved me finding comfort in my team and community, as well as discovering the unknown by allowing myself to be receptive to its lessons.”

Looking forward, Agung Mango is gearing up to release his highly anticipated debut EP ‘MAN ON THE GO‘ on October 14th. You can catch him performing the project live for the first time at Phoenix Central Park on September 6th – secure your tickets now!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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