$MO steps out with a euphonious and vulnerable debut EP titled ‘Vol. 1:11’

After dropping the visuals for his lead single ‘Floor 56‘ last month, emerging Melbourne-based R&B artist $MO has returned to deliver a debut EP titled ‘Vol. 1:11‘.

Serving as the first taste of a larger forthcoming 9-track release ‘3:33‘, $MO incorporates angel numbers in each title to convey a deeper message. For instance, ‘1:11‘ represents new beginnings and manifesting dreams into reality. This EP sees $MO peel back the curtain as he touches on themes of addiction, love, and lust, as well as learning to let go of the past. 

The opening track ‘Bad‘ offers catchy and melodic autotuned vocals alongside crooned verses which creates a hypnotising effect that’s bound to draw listeners into his world. Up next comes the project’s lead single ‘Floor 56‘, where $MO continues to experiment with stellar vocal layering over intoxicating R&B production. This track also features a moody guitar hook that helps build a melancholic aesthetic when paired with soft Trap-esque percussion.

Drawing inspiration from a shared first time making love, written and recorded the day after it happened, $MO describes this track as “an honest, timeless piece for intimate relationships, doubling as a personal timestamp for a spiritual milestone.”

The closing track ‘Over featruring Mawsori hears $MO showcase his ability to deliver vocals in lower registers, giving a late-night drive with your thoughts type of vibe. All-in-all ‘Vol. 1:11‘ serves as a figurative bridge for the talented artist to enter the next chapter in his life.

At just 22 years of age, there’s no denying this body of work is a step in the right direction for $MO to break through as one of the country’s most exciting new acts. So tap in and get ready for the ride!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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