360 unites with Gossling for a grand new single ‘Made Me Like This’

Multi-platinum and veteran Australian rapper 360 has regained strength following the release of his first official single in almost five years.

Titled ‘Made Me Like This‘, the record enlists renowned Melbourne vocalist Gossling (the voice behind iconic hits ‘Boys Like You’ and ‘Price Of Fame‘) for a polished and reflective anthem inspired by the toxicity of social media. While sonically, it offers 360’s signature flair of Boom-Bap production, strong lyrical wordplay, and a Pop-fused backbone giving it additional replay value for radio. However, that’s not to downplay the single by any means, ‘Made Me Like This‘ serves as one of his most outstanding releases to date.

What’s more, his triumphant return arrives with accompanying visuals (directed by Jordan Ruyi Blanch) that portray 360 as an Uber driver who definitely didn’t receive a five-star rating with the events that transpire. To add insight, 360 shared to his socials “The video is inspired by the concept of the song while diving more deeply into the journey of rediscovery that I’m on. Showing how I often feel tormented by my younger self and the choices I made. For me to move forward, I ultimately have to defeat my worst enemy, myself.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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