EXCLUSIVE: This is Billy Davis

Referring to his musical style as a “whole supreme pizza”, Billy Davis is a Melbourne-based artist who has quickly become a pioneer of the local R&B and neo-soul scene.

By offering a certain elegance that’s joyful and relentlessly upbeat, his unique sound, positive mentality and hard working attitude has piqued the interest of many international artists and tastemakers alike. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: This is Billy Davis”


This is Melbourne hip hop – Volume: 2

The Local Frequency (TLF) is pleased to announce the arrival and release of the second volume for our ‘this is Melbourne hip hop’ series. An exclusive Spotify playlist, featuring all the most talented and local artists in one place.

Volume two features music from some of biggest local artists, and also some of the younger and up-coming emcees to provide a full spectrum of what Melbourne has to offer. Continue reading “This is Melbourne hip hop – Volume: 2”

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