KYE shares her debut solo release which comes as an empowering anthem titled ‘Sometimes’

After spending the last few years working closely alongside some of the country’s biggest musical acts (Sampa The Great, Ruel, Genesis Owusu & Billy Davis), Zimbabwean-born, London-raised and now Melbourne-based musician KYE looks to step out into the spotlight as she unveils her long-awaited solo release ‘Sometimes‘.

Laced with fervent chords and upbeat percussion, the record comes as a dynamic R&B/Soul ballad where KYE’s vocals shimmer elegantly above the magnetic soundscape. Written last year during Melbourne’s first lockdown ‘Sometimes‘ channels themes of love, heartbreak and the power behind learning to let go. Moreover, KYE showcases her angelic cadence and entrancing melodies by beginning her solo career with a powerful anthem about accepting things for what they are.

What’s more, the single comes complete with some remarkable visuals by way of Sanjay De Silva; where KYE is captured staying in and pondering times spent with a past lover. Supplementing her catalogue with such a sublime debut, TLF is eager to hear what else the year will bring as there’s word KYE is gearing up to drop an EP titled ‘Good Company‘. Stay tuned for more!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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