PREMIERE: Kevin Cartel – N1

Just when we thought the year was over for any more new releases, upcoming Melbourne artist, Kevin Cartel, just revealed his melodic new single, titled ‘N1‘.

The track hears Cartel sounding at his absolute best, as he delivers such entrancing and soulful vocals which are layered perfectly through a cloud of dreamy lo-fi production. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Kevin Cartel – N1”


PREMIERE: Frame – All Black

Local Melbourne artist, Frame, has just dropped off an early Christmas present that comes in the form of a bracing new single, titled ‘All Black‘.

Carrying instant appeal, the record details a harmonious journey about falling in love on a spontaneous night out. Moreover, ‘All Black‘ hears Frame ride a wave of charming and magnetic energy, which creates a warm atmosphere while invigorating the listener. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Frame – All Black”

EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie

If there’s any rising Melbourne artists you should have on your radar, it should be Wellie. The local and up-and-comer has been turning heads recently with his introspective and thought-provoking new single ‘Spacewalker‘ (prod by. Black Canvas).

The track hears the emcee delve into issues like depression and loneliness, steering away from the status quo of subject matter in today’s Hip Hop landscape. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie”

PREMIERE: Benny Sinclair – Got Somebody

Following a year-long hiatus from music, Melbourne based hip-hop artist and boxer Benny Sinclair recently made a return, dropping his first single for 2018 with ‘Fly Away‘.

Today Sinclair brings us his second and final single ‘Got Somebody‘ in preparation for the release of his forthcoming album ‘Don’t Take It Personal‘, which is scheduled for release on December 14th. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Benny Sinclair – Got Somebody”

J. Love is ‘sorry for not putting out a mixtape’, so listen to his crazy new EP

Melbourne artist J. Love just dropped off a stellar new EP and concluded 2017 in the strongest way possible.

While the body of work is titled ‘sorry for not putting out a mixtape‘, TLF feels there’s definitely no need for apologies. This new release is a four-track concoction of hard-hitting bars, pinball machine-like flows and some of the darkest production you’ve ever heard. Continue reading “J. Love is ‘sorry for not putting out a mixtape’, so listen to his crazy new EP”

The Cypher episode of Rhyme Scheme is finally here, and it’s crazy good.

This year saw the birth of an Australian hip hop collective called, ‘scheme.‘, a group with a vision of tackling the nations scene in a different approach.

Formed from the “New Wave of Hip Hop”, ‘scheme.’ is built on respect for the old, with a focus on the future. They’re set to explore the music and the lives of upcoming artists to tell their story, their way.
Continue reading “The Cypher episode of Rhyme Scheme is finally here, and it’s crazy good.”

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