PREMIERE: Old Mate Jackuar – Stay

Emerging Melbourne-based artist Old Mate Jackuar continues to solidify his position within the Australian music scene, as he returns to deliver his thrilling new single, titled ‘Stay‘.

The track presents his signature blend of soothing Hip-Hop sonics while seamlessly moulding elements of Pop and R&B.

Stay‘ offers a distinctive composition that presents an intoxicating cadence with brooding lyricism and high-energy production. Further, it’s the perfect addition for any playlist, as it brings those essential late night Summer vibes.


Prior to the release, TLF managed to link up with Old Mate Jackuar to chat about some of his influences, the new single, the process behind bringing it to life, his plans for the future, and more! Peep our full interview below:

(TLF) First off, for those who aren’t familiar, who is Old Mate Jackuar?
OMJ – Well I really like Shirley Temple and I love the show Suits, oh and also Avatar: The Last Airbender. I rap and sing too, thats my favourite thing to do.

(TLF) Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
OMJ – Allday, Roddy Rich, Lil Durk, Post Malone, Juice WRLD, B Wise, Justin Bieber, Octavian, Ty Dolla Sign, theres too many to name!


(TLF) Congrats on the release of your new single ‘Stay’, what does this record mean to you?
OMJ – It means a lot, its pretty personal and touches on some shitty times in life but thats all part of the fun! That’s how I like to look at in anyway. I had a really good time making it and every song I make with KAV is a just a dope experience. Thats my brother!

(TLF) What was the process like in bringing it together?
OMJ – Joints in the studio with KAV, we go from there

(TLF) What is the ultimate message you wish to convey with your music?
OMJ – My main thing I want to convey is self belief and motivation. Fucking do your thing my dawgs! Whoever you are, you got it.

(TLF) Lastly, what else can the people expect to look forward from Old Mate Jackuar?
OMJ – I cant give you an exact date yet but March 2020 look out for my debut EP. shits gonna be tight.


Keep up to date with Old Mate Jackuar’s new releases by following him on his socials below:
Facebook: @oldmatejackuar
Instagram: @oldmatejackuar
SoundCloud: @oldmatejackuar
Twitter: @_jackuar


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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