Twitter List

Social media is a valuable tool for the local artist to share their music and reach a larger audience.

Twitter allows for artists to keep their fan base informed about upcoming shows, new releases or important information all in real time.

The Twitter list below aims to provide a starting point for all things associated with the Melbourne hip-hop culture. These include some examples of popular Melbourne artists, online and magazine publications, radio broadcasts and also Australian organisations which focus on developing the careers of Australian musicians.

  1. 360 (@3ree6ixty) – Probably one of the biggest emcees to come out of Australia in the last five years. Local Melbourne artist 360 achieved massive success with his second studio album, ‘Falling & Flying’, which peaked at No. 4 on the ARIA Albums Charts and also reached a certified platinum status.
  2. Acclaim Magazine (@ACCLAIMmagazine) – An Australian creative culture magazine which features predominantly hip-hop content, as well as the contemporary culture of art, design, style, music and underground initiatives.
  3. Allday (@alldaychubbyboy) – Another example of a Melbourne artist who has gained a massive following resulting in nationwide tours and sold out shows. Allday has also managed to take his name internationally by achieving a record deal with the United States’ Wind-Up Records.
  4. Baro (@BAROISRICHARD) – A third and final example of a Melbourne hip-hop artist making waves across the country is 18 year-old Baro. Along with his collective 90s RD (90s Raw Diversity), the group is one to look out for as they revolutionise the state of Australian hip-hop one release at a time.
  5. Beat Magazine (@beatmagazine) – An Australian magazine that provides the latest on music news, upcoming gig and club guides and as also venue and band links.
  6. Real Songwriters of Melbourne (@rsomelbourne) – Founder of Real Songwriters of Melbourne, Jena Marino, created her blog as a tool to give local artists the opportunity to share their stories and music. The blog is definitely worth checking out as it features artists of all genres from the city of Melbourne.
  7. RIPE (@RipeMusic) – An online music publication from Melbourne, which is managed by a team of music lovers and contributors, who cover the Australian music scenes most talented and upcoming artists.
  8. Sounds Australia (@soundsaustralia) – Australia’s export music market development initiative, Sounds Australia aims to provide networks and support for Australian artists locally and internationally.
  9. Thank Guard Magazine (@THANKGUARD) – Another magazine based in Melbourne that heavily promotes Australian hip-hop and aims to accelerate the revolution of the genre.
  10. Triple j unearthed (@triplejunearthd) – An Australian radio station allowing for artists to upload music to their online platform. Triple j unearthed aims to give local artists the opportunity to be heard by a wider audience.

~Timothy Thorpe

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