ICYMI: Baro’s new single ‘wdubi’ is a must-listen

18-year-old Baro is back revolutionising Australia’s hip-hop scene with his brand new single, ‘wdubi’ (what do you believe in?). The song also features 90’s RD’s own Nasty Mars and Marcus, on top of a feel-good gospel beat produced by the phenomenal Nic Martin.

Baro told Acclaim Magazine Martin’s beat resonated with him immediately, and it’s clearly proven through his charismatic flow and lively lyrics. The combination makes for an emotional uplifting experience.

Although it had been a while since we’d heard something new from the young Melbourne artist, it was definitely worth the wait. Baro is constantly raising the bar for the Australian hip-hop scene with the most refreshing vibrations the culture is in need of.

‘Wdubi’, is the brand new single from Baro’s forthcoming EP, Just Problems You Need To Know, which you can experience for yourself below.

~ Timothy Thorpe



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