MoreLifeMonday: REMI

This week ‘MoreLifeMonday’ aims to showcase the true talent and phenom of Melbourne’s very own, Remi. He is no stranger to the Australian hip hop scene and is continually making a name for himself both on and off the stage. Remi is an artist, along with musical collaborator Sensible J, who has received a number of prestigious awards over recent years, including;

Winner of AIR’s Independent Hop Hop Album of the Year
Winner of AIR’s $50,000 Carlton Dry Global Music Grant
Winner of Coopers Australian Music Prize
Triple J’s Unearthed Artist of the Year
Winner of The Age/Music Victoria Emerging Artist of the Year
Winner of AU Review’s Hip Hop Live Act of the Year
(Just to name a few…)

Last year he dropped his highly anticipated album ‘Divas & Demons’ (available here) via House of Beige, the follow up project to his ‘Raw X Infinity’ (listen here) which was deemed the first ever hip hop record to win the Australian Music Prize.


D&D is a soulful masterpiece which delves deep into the heart and soul of Remi’s mind. While exploring both the surrounding internal and external problems in his life, covering various topics such as politics, depression, battling demons and racial abuse.

Check out the video for our favourite track, ‘Substance Therapy’, from the album below:

Remi is currently putting Australia on the map and pushing the boundaries as to what we have to offer on the global stage. For this reason it’s no surprise he’s also just been nominated for the BET International Viewer’s Choice Award!! So make sure you vote for him by either posting on Facebook or tweeting #IPickRemi on Twitter!

And follow Remi on his socials below:
Facebook: @RemiKolawoleMusic
SoundCloud: @remzilla
Twitter: @remikolawole

~Timothy Thorpe

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