MoreLifeMonday: MARCUS

Introducing ‘MoreLifeMonday’, a day dedicated to those already released tracks deserving of more love and ‘more life’. Every Monday The Local Frequency aims to turn back time and give a past track another shot in the limelight.

This week we’re taking it back to 2015 with Melbourne’s very own Marcus, an underrated veteran of the Australian hip hop scene. He is also the man behind the revolutionary collective ‘90’s Raw DiverCity‘, a talented group of artists with a goal of  rising above the “sub-par bullshit.”

‘Pizza for Breakfast. Cereal at 3AM.’ (AVAILABLE FREE HERE) was Marcus’ debut mixtape and it truly was a blessing in disguise. The 14 track project is loaded with endless flows and hard-hitting bars, which encapsulates the true artistry and talent hidden inside Australia’s damaged reputation.

Marcus’ music is not just refreshing, it’s also part of the revolution in uplifting the country’s standard of hip hop. He is one of the most underrated artists in Australia and it really is only a matter of time…

Check out the visuals to one of our favourite tracks by Marcus, ‘Loose Leaf/Lame Ass Love Song’,  below:

Give MoreLife to Marcus on his socials here:
Facebook: @marcusrawdivercity
SoundCloud: @marcusisneek
Twitter: @marcusISneek

~Timothy Thorpe


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