MoreLifeMonday: François

Upon the release of his new single ‘LastDolla‘ (video below), it is with great pleasure this week ‘MoreLifeMonday’ aims to celebrate the steady success and promising future for Melbourne’s very own François.

By simply hearing his music it becomes pretty clear just how talented the young artist is. Through his ability to deliver such catchy melodies with feel-good vibes or the way he’s able to switch it up with clever and genuine lyrics.

François has been releasing absolute fire on his SoundCloud (listen here) for quite some time now, and it’s so dope to see him finally get the recognition he deserves.

Just as he says on the track ‘Untitled1‘, François has come a long way through the good times and the hard times but made it through. He’s now even signed to Melbourne’s brand new record label Alt. Music Group, founded by renowned Hip-Hop duo Diafrix and Lee Cardan (of Sunshine Recorder Studios).

On his recently released single ‘LastDolla’, which is the perfect tune for you to bop along and bust those wacky dance moves to, François tells a story about how he was stranded at the airport with no money to get home until his girlfriend booked him a last minute flight. The song reflects his appreciation and love as he sings he would spend his last dollar on her.

Check out the visuals here:


We can’t wait to hear more from the promising artist who is currently turning the Melbourne scene upside-down!

Keep up to date with François by following his social media:
Facebook: @francoistunes
SoundCloud: @francoistunes
Twitter: @francoistunes
Youtube: @francoistunes

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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