MoreLifeMonday: DEX

Melbourne’s hip hop culture is producing some wild sounds as of late. It seems the genre is expanding, paving the way for a variety of different styles and upcoming artists.

One name in particular is DEX, a local emcee from Melbourne who is destroying the game right now!

The release of his latest EP, ‘Young Zen‘, gained huge attention, and put the 18-year-old’s name on the map. His song, ‘Rooftops‘, even racked up over 113,000 plays on Spotify and 12,000 on SoundCloud.

The young-and-upcoming artist has a stupendous style and rather unique sound. DEX is more than capable of spitting hard-hitting bars, and is also able to switch it up with slow and soothing melodies, or conscious and self-reflective lyrics.

Recently, he even teamed up with popular Australian artist, Allday, on his latest single, ‘4AM‘.

The song is an absolute banger which caught the attention of both RollingStoneAU and ComplexAU.

“Much like 2016 breakout “Rooftops” — the centrepiece of his Young Zen EP — “4AM” takes a reflective route, as the young MC ponders all late-night options at the intersection of love, lust and loneliness.”

“Drunken regrets, potential relationships and reflections on dependency circle the head-nodding hook, as DEX delivers poignant, suggestive lines (“you don’t know what’s going on inside my head”) alongside more direct swoons (“I never feel alone when I lie with you”),” RollingStone writes.

DEX also released a dreamy  video for the track which was premiered exclusively by Complex Australia along with a dope write up!

“To keep the ball rolling with that killer run, he’s debuted a hazy visual for the track. The video sees the two rappers getting deep into their feelings in a high-rise apartment, with the soft neon tones perfectly augmenting the track’s introspective vibes,” Complex writes.

We’re so excited for the young artist and can’t wait to see what comes next, but in the meantime you can catch DEX on his upcoming tour (details below).

Melb AA | 2nd Sept w/ Lara Andallo, Boy Graduate, Kid Cosmo, Brandon Stone
Melb 18+ | 9th Sept w/ Dos Boy, Brandon Stone
Syd 18+ | 21st Sept w/ Marksman Lloyd, Johnipee, Lostkeyz, Talakai
Bris 18+ |  20th Oct w/ Tides, Rari, iiconic


Give some love to DEX on his socials below:

Facebook: @DEXoriginalMusic
Spotify: @Dex
SoundCloud: @dexoriginal
Twitter: @dexoriginal98

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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