ICYMI: Ojikae releases soulful track, ‘Existentiality’

Meet Matt Cicero, AKA, Ojikae! A young-and-upcoming artist from Melbourne, who holds the voice of an absolute angel!

His new single “Existentiality” is a must listen and guaranteed to hit you right in the feels. With a combination of soul and deep R&B, Cicero simply pours his heart out all over the track.

Ojikae has so much rawness and originality coming from the sound of his voice. It’s almost like Melbourne’s answer to R. Kelly in we were to compare his sound.

Since releasing a demo for the track early last year, to hearing him perform live at the Illegal Civilization event (hosted by THANK GUARD), it became pretty clear he was something special.

The 18-year-old’s triple j unearthed bio pretty much sums his sound up perfectly;

“Years of vocal-training and a complete disregard for reverb-drenched political correctness place OJIKAE in a lane of his own full of lust and heartbreak.”

Though this is only the beginning, Ojikae does it all, with his singing, songwriting and producing games all levelled up. We really cant wait to see what comes next!

Follow Ojikae on his socials:

Facebook: @ojikae
Instagram: @ojikae
SoundCloud: @ojikae

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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