Milwaukee Banks team up with Sophiegrophy for their new single ‘Lights Down’

Melbourne duo Milwaukee Banks are back with the hot new anthem ‘Lights Down’, which is the perfect track to fulfil your summer vibes playlist.

Featuring female vocalist Sophiegrophy, the track holds a super upbeat tempo and ‘party-starting chorus’, deeming it a straight must-listen.

With both artists really complimenting each others styles, it undoubtedly makes for an uplifting experience filled with good vibes and positive listening.

Sophiegrophy can be heard absolutely owning the track with her catchy chorus and charismatic melodies, while Milawaukee Banks do what they do best and experiment with new sonic boundaries.

Check out the video for ‘Lights Down’ below:

Stream / purchase ‘Lights Down’ here:

Follow both Milwaukee Banks and Sophiegrophy on their socials below:
Milwaukee Banks:
Facebook: @Milwaukeebanks
SoundCloud: @milwaukeebanks
Twitter: @milwaukeebanks

Facebook: @Sophiegrophy
SoundCloud: @sophie-grophy
Twitter: @sophiegrophy


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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