MoreLifeMonday: Freeds

For this weeks ‘MoreLifeMonday’, The Local Frequency invites you to get familiar with the undeniably talented virtuoso, Freeds.

Originally from Sydney (but now Melbourne-based), Freeds has been manifesting his craft for years, shaping him into the eccentric artist he is today.

While he is no stranger to the Australian music domain, he has recently returned from a short hiatus upon the release of his latest single ‘I’m Not Sure‘.

The track is a wave of funky sensations as Freeds delivers some of his most colourful and vibrant work yet. ‘I’m Not Sure’ has those ‘Acid Rap’ vibes, fused with the rawness of his own style and unique groovy goodness.

In conjunction with the single Freeds also released a very fitting and wacky video, which perfectly encapsulates the feel-good sounds converting them into a visionary form.

You can check out the video for ‘I’m Not Sure’ here

With ‘I’m Not Sure’ still fresh and poppin’, TLF cannot wait to see what’s next to come from the upcoming emcee, as Freeds has clearly proven his music is not to be taken lightly.

Be sure to give Freeds some love on his social media below:
Facebook: @planetfreeds
Instagram: @planetfreeds
SoundCloud: @planetfreeds
Twitter: @planetfreeds
YouTube: @freedsofficial


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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