ICYMI: HVNCOQ released his wavy debut single ‘Out of My Mind’

From running local night clubs, and performing some of the dopest DJ sets, to collaboratively creating alongside his collective ESESEHVNCOQ has been doing his part in revolutionising the Melbourne/Australian hip hop scene for years now.

Since his recent signing to the WVS team earlier this year, now comes his debut single ‘Out of My Mind‘ (prod. Mat/Matix). A track which has HVNCOQ speaking from his heart and opening up about his past emotions retrospectively.

“Out​​ of ​​My ​​Mind ​​is ​​about ​​the ​​motions ​​I​​ went ​​through ​​after ​​being ​​lead​ ​on ​​by someone ​​I ​​really​​ cared ​​for; ​​from​ ​hurt ​​to ​​angry ​​to ​​self-​​destructive ​​to ​​finally ​​realising ​​my ​​own self-worth,” says HVNCOQ.

The song perfectly encapsulates HVNCOQ’s versatility as an artist, as well as his ability to deliver such conscious and concise lyricism, while the wavy backing of the instrumentation compliments his style sublimely.
Check out the video for ‘Out of My Mind’ here:

With “​Out ​​of ​​My​ ​Mind”​​​​​ being the ​​first​ ​single ​​from​ ​​HVNCOQ’s ​​​debut ​​EP (​​due ​​for ​​release ​​in ​​early 2018) and already receiving nothing but praise, be ​​prepared​ ​to ​​see ​​the ​​Ethiopian-Australian’s ​​name​ ​take ​​over ​​the ​​continent.

Be sure to follow HVNCOQ on his socials below:
Facebook: @hvncoq
Instagram: @hvncoq
SoundCloud: @hvncoq
Twitter: @hvncoq
YouTube: @hvncoq


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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